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Product Information

Somewhere out there is a special room that needs something else. Something different then the expected and anticipated. The Steampunk door™ finds its home there. Inspired by the rough and mechanical “Steampunk™” style, this door makes you feel like you were not supposed to see it. Like it was supposed to be covered up by a clean layer of the most common substrate of its time. But someone went rogue and said, no. With a very common frame around the perimeter of this door, the focus is set on the full panel of a dirty raw steel bent and riddled with welding tacs. The dramatic curves reach out and refuse to be hidden any longer. This door reacts well with many motifs and styles.

Note: Finish and texture only applies to outer edge of door.
Hand Made to order, unique and one of a kind. Customisable to any size.
Scrap metal sizes, textures and patterns may vary. Metal is sealed but may continue to patina with rust and character.

  • Colour / Finish: Stain + Glaze + Clear Coat finish. Stag™ hardware system with Industric™ pull in a Flat Black finish.

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Steampunk Scrap Metal




> Scrap metal sizes, textures and patterns may vary.
> Metal is sealed but may patina with age.
> Finish and texture only apply to the wood frame of door.
> Designed & Crafted entirely in the USA.

Who says your barn door look needs to be with timber? Our Steampunk door with metal creates one of the boldest statements around. Goodby timber doors and now is where we get creative.

The perfect door for a man cave or shed, or any industrial design styled room. Allow your one-of-a-kind barn door to take your room to next-level amazing. Can you name any of your friends that have  steel door? We didn’t think so. It’s up to you to be the trail blazer for steel doors everywhere.

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