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Why does it take so long for my hardware and door to arrive?
We make all our barn doors and hardware custom to your order and with meticulous care, therefore this impacts on delivery time.  Hardware only orders may arrive within three weeks, however we ask for your patience with our beautiful barn doors, remember good things come to those who wait! When you see the quality and finishes of a Rustica Hardware barn door you’ll be glad you waited. Our craftsmans’ work and designs can not be matched.

What do the barn door, metal track systems and wheel finishes available look like?

You can download our finish selection product sheets below, or visit our finish selections page for a better understanding. If you need anymore help with your finish selections please email us here or call 07 3245 6190.

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How long should my track length be?

For best results the track length should be a minimum of double the width of your door. Example: A 900mm wide door needs a minimum of a 1800mm track.

Please Note: Any track length over 2440mm will come in separate segments which will be easy to combine with provided Splice Plates & Hardware. Example: A 1524mm wide door will need a 3048mm track which will come with 2 x 1524mm segments.

If you require a size not listed call in for a custom order as we can fabricate any track length or customize the track to your needs.

What size door should I order?

The below diagrams explains the distance between your door size and the current door pathway on your wall.

















Why is Rustica Hardware more expensive? 

We like to call this the Rustica Difference, we ensure only the highest quality products and all our products are handmade and build in the USA, not China. To learn more about the Rustica Difference click here or contact us on 07 3245 6190 or email us here.

The Rustica Difference - Barn doors australia




























Do you make custom hardware?

Yes, we have created some of the most incredible custom hardware you will ever see! Don’t be shy, let us custom build your door and hardware. Contact us on 07 3245 6190 or email us here.

Is the Barn Door Hardware loud as it rolls along the door track? What is the quietest wheel you offer?

A: The barn door hardware is barely audible. We have several videos which show the hardware rolling along the track, you can also hear how quiet the door hardware is as it rolls. The nylon wheel is the quietest, along with the all wood wheel. The steel wheel is slightly more audible than the nylon or wood.

What is a “Door Guide”? How does it work?

We have several images of different door guides that we offer but our standard door guide affixes to the floor with two screws. You simply mortise out a small groove in the bottom of the door and the guide slides through the mortise, keeping the door from swinging to and from the wall. When you place your order with Rustica we will carve out your doors mortise for you.

What kind of warranty do you offer?

We offer the only Lifetime Warranty online! If you have any issues with your hardware due to manufacturing errors, please return it for a replacement set. This offer is valid if it is due to a manufacturing error and not normal wear and tear or fading or changing of finishes. For a copy of our Limited Lifetime Warranty Policy, please provide an email address and we will send it immediately.

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