The Rustica Difference

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The Rustica Difference

Article Posted On: 25/01/2018

Rustica Hardware is proud of the barn doors and hardware we make in our Utah workshops. Premium quality and made in the USA, all our products can be customised to your exact needs and décor. We combine tried and true materials with cutting edge technology to create quality products of beauty and utility.

We want to keep our customers informed and educated, so here are some things to consider when choosing barn doors and hardware.

 The Rustica Difference

Nylon Wheels NOT Plastic Wheels (poly-formaldehyde)

The wheels are critical as they are the only points of contact with the track. Rustica Hardware uses Nylon and Metal Wheels because they last longer, run smoothly and are made from a much tougher material. A cheap wheel will be made from Plastic which is subject to gouging and deterioration, especially with heavy doors which they are not designed for.

Adjustable Track Spacers

You don’t want a big gap between the skirting board and your door. That’s why Rustica Hardware’s founder Paul Allen invented and patented the adjustable track spacer – a brilliant way to ensure your door is as close as possible to the skirting and wall for a perfect installation. Only Rustica Hardware can offer this critical component.

Steel NOT Iron

Rustica Hardware uses heavy gauge American steel which is incredibly strong and one reason we can offer a lifetime warranty. Some manufacturers use Iron because it is cheaper but it is also softer and deteriorates faster. Choosing Rustica Hardware means you can rely on the quality, integrity and longevity of your installation.

Steel Anti-Jump Brackets NOT Plastic Buttons

Rustica Hardware’s steel anti-jump brackets stop the door from being lifted off the track – preventing injury and accidents. Low quality hardware uses a plastic button which can crack after heavy impact from sliding a barn door too fast.

Steel End Stops v Plastic Blocks

We don’t cut corners when it comes to our end stops which are made from heavy gauge steel and long life rubbers. These are the best solution in comparison to the large plastic blocks on the market which look unsightly and degrade the aesthetic of the installation.


Custom length tracks v Pre-cut tracks

Custom tracks cut exactly to length are a great way to ensure a neat installation, rather than having to fit around a pre-prepared piece of hardware. In most cases we provide millimetre perfect tracks so there’s no unsightly overhang.


Undrilled/Drilled Track Option v Pre-drilled tracks

Stud widths in walls vary. This means that a pre-drilled track requires the use a header board, or you to make major modifications behind your plaster board. With Rustica Hardware, you have the option for undrilled or drilled tracks which you can mount directly to your wall studs for a neat and easy installation.

Highest weight rating

Barn Doors can get heavy – depending on size and materials used. You need to make sure your hardware is capable of handling the weight. Even our smallest hangers in conjunction with our Nylon wheels will hold a door of at least 130kg per pair. This is the highest weight capacity of any barn door hardware in the world.


Made in the USA

All our products are made in America using American Steel and Timber to deliver premium, customisable barn doors and hardware.

In a throw-away society we don’t need more, we just need better.

The Rustica Difference

Half X Door with Smooth White + Clear Coat finish. Horseshoe Stallion hardware system.

Whether you’re an interior designer, builder or home owner, our expert team can guide you in the right direction and help you with any design or technical advice. Our number is (07) 3245 6190 so call to learn more about the Rustica Difference today.

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