Real Life House Series – Vanita – Brisbane, QLD

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Real Life House Series – Vanita – Brisbane, QLD

Article Posted On: 25/09/2017

Vanita Snell is a Graphic Designer in Brisbane a who renovates with her husband on the side. Having built and renovated four houses she is already looking on to her next project. We sat down and spoke with Vanita about her most recent renovation.


Tell me a little bit about your home? Did you recently build or renovate?

We recently built our new house and moved in December. We built with a project builder and then tweaked and made a few adjustments to make it a little bit more personal and individual. Basically an architects work without the price. This is the fourth house we have built, and we needed to be able to accommodate my father in law. We did this by building him his own personal space without seperating him completely from the rest of the house. The Rustica Barn door splits the areas to provide that. In looking for that division piece, “we wanted something that looked like an art piece” and that’s exactly what this barn door does.

Vanita Snell 4

Why did you want a barn door? Any particular influences you can name that gave you inspiration?

I was always going to get a barn door because I love that new american style. I spoke to a couple of builders but nobody was interested, but I knew I had to have a barn door. I found Rustica Hardware on instragam and loved the website and the feed. Adrian* was so great and personally came out and measured the space for the door, and helped us organise everything. We had everything done in one day! “I know it’s not the norm, but the style and service was perfect. I love getting good service. Don’t always get that these days.”

How did you fit the finish of your door and hardware with the interior design of your house? Did you have a particular feel or look in mind when choosing the barn door?

I have a crazy house because I just put in what I like. Our last house had a very 60’s style with a scandanavian touch. This newest renovation has different styles due to being two stories. So there’s a bit of Scandanavian, a bit of Industrial, and lots of wood. It’s a crazy mix.

Vanita Snell 1

What do you love most about your door?

I absolutely loved that I could customised. Adrian* was really helpful because there are so many choices. “What I envisioned was exactly what I got”. The rest of the house is quite new and sleek, so we wanted something not too clean and polished. The Rustic american barn door just fitted perfectly. We don’t have any other art in the space because “the door is the art”.

Who installed the door and hardware for you?

Our builder was overseas and I didn’t want to wait, so I used Salon Solutions. They do pretty much everything. They have a carpenter section so I called and asked for handy man to come out and install it. I got the door on the Wednesday and this local guy was able to do it on Friday. The barn door came with really detailed instructions, and even though he’d never done one before he laid it out and was able to install it in no time at all.

What other interior design elements have you included in your renovation that match and work well with your barn door style?

We have black hardware throughout the whole house, which matches the black tracks for the barn doors. The stairwell has a big black handrail, and we have a black cast iron wall mountain fireplace too.  Although the house is finished we’re just waiting on the landscaping now. We’re hoping to incorporate some big black industrial pagolas outside, and run that whole theme outdoors.

Vanita Snell 3

From your experience renovating,  do you have any tips for other renovators in terms of style and themes?

After building 4 houses I just incorporate and use what I really love. Don’t need to go trendy, We’ve built four houses and know we’re going to sell them but I always build with me in mind, and I think people like that because it’s a bit different. I think a selling point of this house will definitely be those barn doors, I’ve been asked a couple times now about where they can get one for themselves.

*Adrian Kelly (Managing Director at AMK Enterprises, Australian Distributor for Rustica Hardware)

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