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House Rules – Proud Supplier

Article Posted On: 12/06/2018

We had an absolute blast working with the teams on House Rules 2018 helping them find the perfect door hanging solution for each of their rooms. Our barn door hardware was featured in Jess and Jared’s South Australian New York/Industrial abode and Leigh and Kristie’s Californian Cool home in Victoria.  It is with pure delight that both barn door installations received rave reviews from the judges and home owners alike.

Whilst working within the TV’s tight deadlines, and delivery companies transporting the goods, it’s needless to say that things got a little crazy! However, we are extremely proud to say our USA hand-made, high quality, barn door hardware was the perfect accompaniment to each of the interior design briefs and our hardware now hangs proudly in two more Aussie homes.

The finishing touches on both rooms used DIY doors to create a personal style with our hardware, whilst meeting the ‘house rules’ resulting in some explosive interior design trends for those watching at home!



Leigh and Kristie – Victoria

It’s all about being ‘California cool’ and ‘getting earthy with timber’, and our Industrial Stag in Stainless Steel finish, along with our Modern Flush pull fit the brief nicely. The team then used their own door to hit the ‘timber’ house rule. You could also achieve a similar look with our Plantation or Craftsman door in a ‘Stripped White’ Paint finish and this could be delivered directly to your home ready for installation. We just love that wallpaper in the background and how it contrasts the barn door feature perfectly! We’d definitely be happy if this was in our home. See all their home reno images here.

barn door hardware house rules


Jess and Jared – South Australia

There is a good reason why the Industrial Stag hardware is our number one seller. Charia and David also used this hardware in our Flat Black to achieve a New York industrial warehouse type vibe. Whilst David did make his own DIY door, you can achieve a similar look with our Ranch Door in a stain Glaze and Clear finish.

We loved how Jess and Jared were thrilled to have this door in their master bedroom and what a statement it has made whilst completly bowling over the house rulesSee all their home reno images here.

If you are wanting to add the perfect barn door and hardware to your home, see our full range online or contact us on 07 3245 6190 or via our web form!

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