6 tips to make your home a little more Hamptons….

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6 tips to make your home a little more Hamptons….

Article Posted On: 09/02/2017

It’s no secret that Hampton Style homes are very fashionable right now, with lots of buddying DIY designers, and professional interior decorators trying to achieve this classic look. Whilst the overall look may be seemingly easy to put together, it’s actually quite complex to balance out key design elements with pure sophistication… We’ve put together our six tips to make your home a little more Hamptons, cause let’s face it, if we can’t go to the hamptons then we want to take our home there!

Find two colours and stick with them
Decide on two main colours with one of them being a clean white hue. By having a simple colour palette will ensure you have a soft, calm and relaxing space. Tara Dennis describes the Hamptons style as ‘casual, relaxed beach living but done in a classic and very sophisticated way.’ This definition is spot on whilst giving you a big indication on the second hue you should be inspired to add… enter in the colour blue. By adding a blue shade, usually navy or powder blue, you’ll add to the overall relaxing ambience you are trying to create.

Add VJ panel details
If you’re from Queensland, or live in an older house, you will be familiar with Vertical Join (VJ) panels…. This character charm is the perfect element to make any room a little more Hamptons. Whilst Queenslanders are famous for VJ’s top-to-toe, and in every room, you can use your VJ’s on the lower half of the wall and add a skirting trim where the VJ meets the wall to polish the look and add texture to your space. By only sheeting the lower half of the wall with VJ panels you will also help to keep your design budget in check whilst making your home a little more Hamptons style.

6 tips to make your home a little more Hamptons
Image via Katrina Lee Chambers

Add a barn door
A barn door will create a beautiful feature in your space and be a talking point when visitors pop round, you will want to stay within our Classic Barn Door range with the Z Barn being a popular choice. Once you have selected your door it’s time to choose your hardware. Flat black is generally the most popular choice but why not be creative with metal finishes and think of adding a silver or copper feature as your sliding rail. Alternatively, you could also get creative with choosing a bespoke door colour, our recommendation here would be selecting a navy finish which is perfect for any Hampton style home especially for those people who want to make their home a little more Hamptons style.

Update your couch
If you can only update one piece of furniture, we recommend you make it the couch! For a Hamptons style couch you have two main choices, a rectangle style plump looking finish, similar to the Brighton 3 Seat Sofa we found. Now, I know we said two colours, and white, but perhaps a more sensible choice for your sofa is an off-white, let’s be realistic. You could also take inspiration from an old fashioned gentleman’s club lounge and have the back of the couch stretched tight with feature button rows in place for elegance, similar to the Serpentine Sofa we found at Coco Republic. Perhaps also considering playing with couch legs in timber and wood-working techniques of yesteryear finishes. As for fabrics a cloth or linen style fabric in white, light grey or navy are your number once choices. Should you choose to get a little fancier, consider adding one or two occasional chairs with a simple pattern fabric, we found the Honnally Chair at Temple and Webster which also won’t break the budget. Updating your sofa will definitely make your home a little more hamptons inspired.

6 tips to make your home a little more Hamptons

Image via: YesPleaseBlog

Blonde your timber
If you budget will allow you to change your floor coverings, a light timber or blonde timber floor is the perfect Hampton floor choice. Another idea would be to add some additional timber side tables, bookshelves or TV cabinet to compliment your blue and white tones.  If we had the choice we’d be using Plantino Engineered Oak in St Moritz from Choices Flooring.

A touch of Silver
For an ultra-upscale look, considering adding a touch of silver to your look. This could be in the form of pendant lighting, vases or a coffee table. The silver will add a touch of elegance and marry your blue and white colour scheme perfectly together. We found the Injection Chrome Pendant at the Lighting Super Store to be the ultimate statement piece for any room, especially for those in awe of Hampton Kitchens, now that’s a whole other blog topic!

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We hope you’ve enjoyed our blog on making your home a little more Hamptons style. If you need any assistance deciding on your barn door and hardware system for your Hamptons style project contact us here or call 07 3245 6190 to discuss what styles, textures and finishes will make the ultimate statement in your space with Rustica Hardware.

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